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The second phase of the project involves the development of a 1MW photovoltaic park and a 4MWh storage capacity. The primary objective of this phase is to enable the project to store the energy generated during the PV production period of the additional 1MW.

This design ensures that the entire facility can consistently inject a power of 1MW into the grid over an extended period, mitigating the direct impact of production fluctuations associated with renewable energy, which is notably influenced by weather conditions

Sona, Romania

Sona Fields II

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Phase I of Sona Fields is fully funded and Phase II is open for backers.

The 1MW extension mirrors the design of the preceding phase Sona I.

Two 40-foot containers, each boasting a storage capacity of approximately 2MWh, will be strategically positioned on the land.

Additionally, a bidirectional inverter (Power Conversion System – PCS) with a capacity of 1MW will be incorporated. This inverter serves the crucial function of converting energy to and from the batteries, facilitating seamless integration with the AC cables linked to the main transformer.

This arrangement establishes a robust AC coupling system with the existing 2MW photovoltaic park.

Operational date: Q1 2025
  • 12-11-2022

    Land Lease signed

    Sona fields land was successfully leased by GEA for a period of 35 years.
  • 18-11-2022

    First authorization process

    The initial documentation for the building permit was submitted to the city hall of Sona.
  • 02-12-2022

    Authorization process began

    The detailed documentation for the building authorization has started and it is estimated to take 3-4 months.