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Rosia Outer Rim is a 1MW photovoltaic project set to be installed near the city of Sibiu. Positioned on a private land parcel spanning 20,000m2, the project will link up with the 20kV medium voltage line, approximately 9km away from Electrica Sibiu Sud power station.


Rosia, Romania

Rosia Outer Rim

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The project footprint is estimated to cover around 12,000m2. Notably, the project has been conceived to allow for the potential addition of a storage facility in the future.

Additionally, the infrastructure will feature a 1250kVA power transformer, meticulously designed to facilitate the grid connection via the 20kV medium voltage line.

The photovoltaic panels will rest on a metal structure anchored into the ground through percussion, eliminating the need for cement or other materials that could impact soil quality.

The transformer station will be housed within a 20-foot container, necessitating a 20m2 foundation for support.

A protective perimeter for the photovoltaic park will consist of a 2-meter tall fence, fortified with three rows of barbed wire to deter potential intrusion. As an added security measure, lighting poles will be positioned every 10 meters, each equipped with high-performance video cameras featuring night vision capabilities.

  • 05-09-2022

    First discussion

    Site visit and feasibility study began.
  • 18-10-2022

    First authorization process

    The initial documentation for the building permit was submitted to the city hall of Rosia.
  • 01-11-2022

    City hall answer

    PUZ documentation required before obtaining construction permit.
  • 19-11-2022

    PUZ documentation started

    Documentation should take around six months.
  • 15-12-2022

    Legislative change

    Due to legislative changes there is no need to execute a PUZ anymore for photovoltaic parks.
  • 17-01-2023

    Building permit authorization

    The permitting process started.
  • 03-09-2023

    80% of permits obtained

    Most of the permits from the building permission are obtained.
  • 20-10-2023

    Solution Study

    Electrical solution study to obtained the grid certificate was contracted.