For a better future

1. Finding our Allies

Each project has a dedicated amount of virtual energy stakes (VES) that are able to transition the projects to green energy sources. Any individual or entity would be able to purchase GEA VES and help the transition to a less polluted environment.


2. GEA Virtual Energy Stakes​

GEA identifies high pollutant areas which could directly affect the total CO2 emissions of a region. Renewable energy partners proceed with feasibility studies for the proposed location of renewable energy projects, after that the authorization process starts.


3. Putting GEA VES together

After the dedicated VES sales have ended, our partners start the implementation of the green energy sources. All partners are locally contracted, supporting the economy of each region. Depending on the project’s size, the implementation takes between 8 to 12 months.


To ensure the safety, incentivize, and ensure customers that GEA aspires for a growth in price per VES and the longevity of the projects, GEA invests a percentage of 20-30% in each project.

4. GEA Rewards

The GEA VES produces green energy that is sold directly to the grid or high pollutant businesses. This is GEA’s responsibility to find the right green energy consumers, holders don’t have to worry about finding the right clients, just check monthly the rewards generated from the sale of green energy.