For a better future

1. Site Selection and Development

Each project begins with a meticulous site selection process, powered by advanced GIS analysis. We consider intricate factors such as solar irradiance, topography, and environmental compliance. Our adept team manages authorization procedures, ensuring regulatory adherence, and secures grid connection certificates to set the technical stage for the project.


2. Finding our Partners

In our ongoing quest for partners who share our renewable energy vision, your financial commitment plays a pivotal role. Your contribution, alongside that of other stakeholders, is instrumental in covering the capital and implementation expenses. We prioritise transparency and informed decision-making, providing detailed technical specifications and material data sheets to empower potential partners.



3. Construction and Operation

With the foundation set, our expert team takes over to formulate layout and concept designs for the renewable energy project. These designs are executed by a proficient team of engineers and analysts. We also diligently prepare comprehensive construction plans, covering site or land development designs, architectural and construction blueprints, and precise technical specifications.


Following construction, our commitment extends to ongoing maintenance, meticulous inspections, and strategic upgrades, all geared toward ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of our renewable energy projects.

4. Returns and Environmental Responsibility

We furnish transparent reporting on energy production, income, and financial gains to ensure your constant awareness. GEA is firmly committed to lessening our ecological footprint and actively promoting a more sustainable, cleaner energy future.


By opting to participate in our cooperative renewable energy ownership model, you not only savor the financial advantages but also become an integral member of a green energy community. Our operations are rooted in principles of integrity, sustainability, and transparency, and our steadfast dedication is to make renewable energy accessible and mutually advantageous for all.

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