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Green Energy Allies is committed to provide technical solutions, management and maintenance for crowdfunding campaigns. We are keen to offer affordable opportunities for those who want to make sure that the future of energy is green. GEA is promoting the following 5 energy goals:

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We want to make sure that all our allies, small and big, have all the required tools to contribute.

By offering an incentive-driven ecosystem, GEA hopes to assist the world in moving toward net-zero carbon emissions. We facilitate global collaboration among individuals, energy producers, and environmentally aware businesses.

We strongly believe that the world we live in is changing more and more, and for this we are here to offer an Eco-friendly and beneficial solution for both consumers and the environment.

GEA provides the land on which the energy parks will be located, in an area with maximum efficiency of electricity production. GEA also is taking care to all the following: access roads, fencing and security, metal structure, mounting, invertsrs, cables, private grid, grid management (injection, procedures), insurance, financial and legal reporting and many others.

GEA DI stands for: products and services in the field of green energy technologies that encapsulate one of its products (digital identifiers) into data-driven digital assets in order to ease up the acquisition stage and increase the transparency of the green energy production process for its projects.

Gloria Reuben - Environmental activist

“A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future”

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